Saturday, July 5, 2008

Started off going to tony's homie alex's house. well upstairs apartment. dope. 
a possible vodka fan?.
serious chill in this attic porch pad thing. jam what you can into the windows to keep them open. 
old school toilets. in old school houses. this toilet seems pretty good tho. must be a upgrade.
What i was told would be a 10 minute walk. turned into 45. not stoked. but there air was fresh. tons of skeets. and a bottle of 2l of swish.
b-side. im still trying to figure the meaning out. 
aha ripping out bus stop signs? terrible karma. but the look on someone's face in the morning would be pretttty good. they gotta goto work. and they're like where the f. is the bus stop?
the duder walked through this after. karma?
jag. peer pressure by the person i peer pressure.
every thursday i get the text. or i give the text. i just like the pizzza.
3.00 am chilling!
my new pup. she's a babe. 

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