Wednesday, August 13, 2008

21 to 22. wata goof ball.

Last night we ventured to player's for ryan kontusic's birthday.  I ate 24 wings but wozy jungled his way into my baskets. good times. good faces. not the best music. and olympic swimming on the tv. stoked. 
take this you flamer!
local riff raff  cliff claffing kontusiffing balerina.
f i got there and got this duder 2 shooters. in my span talking to him and taking a pic. he took about 8 shots. 
last year kontusic wasn't in good shape. i pulled some pics out of the archive and came across these gold mines. and tony just said " ben, you remind me of a jewish novelty store". thats pretty sick. i don't even know wat novelty is. 
22 and im still so more mature. thats crazy
Its also boutets bday today. and im on the way there. gaudet called me and asked if i was driving. but i replied my car has no head lights, f im good. i drove last night
reid alerted to everyone last night that me cory had the same shoes. "hey ben, Thats awkwurd" then everyone looked. I was in toronto and cory was in banff. we both came back with the same shoes. book your ass
Gaudet asked for a pic. as i take it he starts to drink. wats with that.
some sort of shot jay ordered.  cool colours tho. 
jay trying to light it. burnt his hand. i drove him home because he was drunk. On the way home i asked him if there is ghosts or robbers in his house. He was hoping for a robber because he could defend himself.  Then he didn't want to leave the car. 
the shots wur flaming. the duder started pouring something in it that made it spark. it tasted like some sort of fuel. 
I'd like to end this with last years ending.  keep your bevies under control. your grime tight. with all your might. tonight. with height. k i can't rhyme no more. love to all the cats. 

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