Monday, August 11, 2008

nutimik in your shorts.

So what I thought was going to be a day of swimming turned into a day of swimming. The sun was cooking honeyt's wur burning and chips and salsa was way to saucy. But good times for sure. 
We started the day off by smoking some bugs. thats gotta be the worst. 
i bought half a bag of cherries for 6 bux. The lady sitting in the back told me i didn't have to wash them. me and jordan killed the bag in about 10 mins. Our stomachs wur fucked.
aha so i though we wur going to swim. but then there was a boat. stoked. 
waiting for the wakeboard. we jumped off some walking bridge. and this annoying kid kept telling boats that wur going underneath us to "SPRAY US"... i felt awkwurd because the poeple probably thought i was with him. 
Jordans second time. he got up first try and was killing it. 
i almost fn drowned getting up. swallowed at least a litre of lake water. but this slash made my day. 
Brent kills it. his facial expressions can make anyone peopeo. thats pee and poo together.
click on this pick to really see his face. fukn good teeth he has.
this was for style.
brent was bugging me about my ears. and didn't even see my toes.
nealon was out for the weekend at his uncles. he boated with us. and enjoyed my lack of  "boater" skills. f starboard reach to the sea side and grab a hook snapper.
In the back of my mind i wanted him to fall in there. Because i know i would of freaked if i would of. thats gotta be bad karma?
claws up. 
Jordan got told by a 10 year old. "there must be air in the gas line" . jordan wasn't impressed. he was making faces at the dude when he wasn't looking. so i joined in. 
nealon's feet could't fit in. brent threw some oil on or something. then it fit. kinda awkwurd. 
he literally killed me tubing. the rope would slack hard and he'd pin it. i would fly off. must of looked good tho. 
frick i like boating. and swimming and jumping. thats was this photo is saying.
jordan hit the rocks! so we pack up and left. my arm slapped the water the hardest i've ever felt. i thought i shattered my hand. then we swam back to the boat. which was a good mile away. i almost got spit on. we ate hammys. and had a beer. and chips. then went home. i slept for like 30 minutes. i literally just told you my whole day. and my bod is jacked today. well my back is. love pirates!

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