Saturday, August 9, 2008

No your a volcano!

Today i seen a little scuffle while i was going into the bird shop on main. One dude was in a wheelchair with 2 boxes of lighters. like they wur freshly jacked off a counter. so this other duder flips the guy out of the wheelchair. and one of the boxes of lighters goes flying. k so theres about 40 lighters on the sidewalk. and then they start pushing eachother. they are literally 40 years old. greasy. great to witness tho. the best part is i could't really hear what they wur saying but what i did hear was " no your a loser!".aha so i take it that fight began because of a "loser" comment. anyway i ended up asking the guy for one of the lighters. he's like ya. so i go to grab a couple and he kicks out his legs and says. "you said one lighter". priceless.
moose nuckle.
filled condom on the floor. enjoi
i enjoy goats. 

i like pictures of animals in there habitats.
keeping it real.
who in the right mind would ever do this. sick people out there! love tho

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