Sunday, August 17, 2008

chromeo still kills it.

This blog is dedicated to chromeo. and im frikkin itchy. I got a invite to come to some sort of pits thing. So i rolled up to some parking lot by spring hill. brent and phil roll up on dirtbikes. next thing i know im holding on to phil which was kind of uncomfortable. flying down some trail to this place. i got mud on my backpack. and there wur people walking down this trail. i felt important.
tons of weird poeple but the place is pretty remote and somewhat clear water. not in this photo. 
They had some log that poeple wur running off and jumping in this lake slash puddle. Turned out to a diving contest. Im gonna give it to brent for the sluggish head dives. style!
There wur like 4 dudes and 2 girls swimming by this log thing, it was super annoying. they wur all super drunk or faking it is my geuss. one guy was like flying off the thing diving and flipping, he was not bad. but there was this drunk chick. she sucked. It was super entertaining tho. she had the worst jumping style i have ever seen. She did the most crooked front flip. belly flop dives. and a weird attempt at a 360. and every jump she was holding her nose. id say she was ugly but thats bad karma.
This old dude who is there apparently every day was blaring the best music ever... some sort of pakistan dance tune? no offence but like blaring it. then it went to like 50 cent. to some old school rock. he was lame. phil made a good joke tho. the duder had like bob dylan cranked. and phils like " God i love Rob Zombie ".. it was super funny at the time.
I picked up this out of the lake. Those poeple by the swimming thing threw it in. Oh and there was like 2 twin dudes there with the egzact same long pony tail. 
To the left looked super good. To the right was a ton of carnies.
Some dude wore sweet kicks to the beach. also. We watched a dude jump in with his sunglasses. he lost them and didn't even notice. i felt kinda bad for not saying anything but brent told me not to. 
Someone forgot their grungy sock. i realized when i got to the car i forgot one to. 
This dude literally popped his collar to sit down with his chick. I never thought people actually do that. that alone at the beach!.
9.5 form. 6.2 style. 8.6 height. 
enjoy this phil. 
When we left jordan and phil wur killing wheelies. 
I followed them down some road. i went up ahead to stop for a photo. across the street there was some birthday party outside. these dudes rip by and this dude started yelling at me. I got in the escort and bounced. he may have my plate. 
i need to shower. 
totally off topic,. but i don't have topics. In my house there is 4 poeple living there. Shoes are everywhere. I think my dad has like 2 pairs out there. shoes sale soon. but take care of yourselves out there. sunscreen. headbands. necklaces and whatnot. keep fit, have fun. love

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