Saturday, August 16, 2008

engage your engagement!

Last night I went to Trisha's parents house last night. Ryan and her are engaged. They had a party to celebrate. I worked late and was mega cashed. but thought to go take some pictures.
Robyn stole a pool ball on kontusics bday. Signatured it up with a note and gave it to ryan. he was stoked. number 11 and red. 
There was a money tree. Trisha was slangin tickets. 3 for 5 bux. I convinced a dude i payed 10 bux for one ticket. 
Stop stirring them!
Ryan funneled a special beer. the look on nero's face explains that.
I told him there was 6 shots of vodka in it. picture his shoe. F im going to hell.
group shot.
family photo. 
Weddddding party. 
I had to use the bathroom. I take off my shoes for 3 minutes. i come back to one shoe. walked around with one shoe for abit. accused a few people. got it back about a half hour later by a annonymous suspect. great friends. love. 

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