Sunday, August 31, 2008

keep it tight.

michigan is always a good time. My first time here when meghan actually has games. she's a  busy girl. 
we went for a walk to some cliffs mega told me about. super good scenery.
what i found out on the way there was we had to cross this path of water. i was scared for my camera.
it was only knee to hip deep. really clear water. unlike manitoba's grungy water
"OK". to the waves.
i almost tripped a couple times due to tree roots. some parts would be a fall to death.
its a trip jumping off these cliffs due to the vision you have of the rocks underneath the water. 
i immediately regretted jumping as soon as I hit the water. It was cooler than cool. ice cold...
college soccer games are fun to watch. this was the first game I have seen. it was on saturday. talent. 
mega can boot balls.
we went to some other cliffs. closer to town. there was about a hunge of poeple there. 
i arrive. i stupidly ask a random duder if the water is cold. i jumped 3 times.
this bathroom is haunted. 
we went and watched another game. sun was in my eyes. some teacher was there talking about frat houses or something. 
today they was game 2. they killed it.  great victory.
this is the reaction of a overtime goal?
good time kids. love

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Pops said...

Really great photos.
Nice work Ben!