Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Im back in winnipeg. I came home to freezing weather. I went swimming to seven oaks today. too much fun. i never thought it would be so fun to jump off diving boards. steve double backed the 5m! brent had high dives going down. nathan killed it with multiple flips into dives and double side flips. i did the splits off the 5m in the air. all around great times. good atmosphere. people laughing. people cheering. oh phil and anica wur there to. 
I left marquette at 8:30 am yesterday. drove all day. windows cranked down. my crotch was sweating because i was wearing black jeans. duluth mn is full of concrete.
i hit a huge bug. full of yellow. i actually felt bad.
Whenever i drive alone on long distance trips the weather always f's up for me. pouring rain. possible tornado's. and window wipers full tourqe. still no vision.
in the distance there was nice weather.
a hole of sun.
this picture brought me bad karma. i waited about an hour at the border to cross into canada. what do you know. i pull up to the ginger boarder officer. he seemed nice but he must of known im a ex ginge hate fan. he told me to pull into the garage. i pull up and this dude tells me to park in another spot. another dude yells at me to get in the garage. you know when you did nothing wrong but feel guilty. that was me. 4 dudes searching every inch of my car. hounding me with questions. 45 minutes later the door to freedom opened up. my tires wur still kinda wet and i schweeled outta there. its bad karma to make fun of ginges. you will have a ginge baby! love

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