Friday, August 22, 2008

Rain. Pain. and. you

So its been pouring out lately. It sucks. Ill be driving to a house and like as soon as i get out it pours. like big drops of rain. and this was the best. Im working in a cabinet outside under a umbrella eh eh. and i get a text. " Its gonna purrr like a motha fuckah! Don't get zapped" literally. i enjoi random text messages. and its friday night. And got carned into going to gaudets social for his family. I don't mind.  
I would like a vote on these. One is worth a thousand dollars. the other is a prehistoric dino paw.
Clouds make shade. good for working but not for beaching.
Something about me and taking pictures of levers. clutch in this. gang affiliate
My garage is full of spider webs. Its honestly brutal. And when someone says there not affraid of spiders its a lie. And i will put money on it. Come to my house. stick you hand slowly in the giant web. and touch the spider. How much?
Its funny because the side door to my garage usually has a web on the upper part above the door. and i've seen spiders hanging. the best is when people walk right through it. if you could only see me run and duck.
I miss toronto. wonderland. this tower. that street. that babe. my hoody i think i forgot there. and you! love

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