Sunday, August 24, 2008

sunday morning. for the kritters.

Yesterday was the worst day at work i have ever had. grungiest crawl space. soaking mud. 2 feet high. then ducking and going over pipes. plus dragging tools. flashlight dieing. cell phone in mouth. feeling qwastrafobic. severely. spiders! spiders web's! watever other things in there i didn't see but probly touched me. for about 3 hours! aha priceless. 
I came home and tried relaxing. shit showered and shaved. went to my sister marina's and troys house. i had the meal of a king. nothing has ever tasted so good after eating mud for lunch. thanks for the eats. 
Headed off to china town to visit up with tony his pops and his cousin gibson from calgary. they wur juiced when i got there. stoked on his balcony. gaudet later came after banging our phones off. and was drunk aswell. He kept yelling on the balcony that he wanted to through me over so id make the newspaper. who knows wat he was talking about. 
We played the calgary version of f@#$ you. it was weird. but good. and you know that thumb game on the table. you can do it as much as you want until someone picks the other thumb card. gaudet killed it. al drank tons because of it. 
6 of heineys. and my mom just called and said wur having steak for dinner. stoked.
The friends (al and tony) didn't lose at roshambo. literally. tony claims he hasn't lost in a number of years. its a maybe. 
Al was hammering back these german becks. i watched u.s. of the a. hammer brazil in volleyball. For some reason i've watched a ton of the olympics. jamaica is unbelievably fast. they remind me of me.
We end up getting to this social at like midnight. No entrance fee for us. or maybe me. i even asked if i had to pay. so i just bought a ton of drink tickets. i regretted ordering 5 vodka shots  and 3 beers the first visit to the bar. but i was genourous and handed them away, that may have led to tony's pushup style vomit later on in the night. that kid can;t take shots. ill get a video one day. 
Someone was genorous with the cheese cubes! i just remebered this seeing this pic. I was talking to Leanne at the food table. next thing i know i get smoked directly in the eye with something.  i almost fell over. i look around for the guilty smirk and there isn't one. later i see nicole and kristen eating theses things. i know that was thrown into my eye. im just not sure who did it yet.
brent was gonna leave to another socail but we came so he stayed. 
i don't know how robyn's hair got like that.  fast movements of something.
 jeremy andrew and brent. thanks for the beer jeremy. 
congrats on your wedding socail. i enjoyed my eye watering and swollen. so good.
Later we went to matt and megan's house. they renovated the shit out of it. My last pic before my camera died was this angels fish toast going down the toilet. I used to work at the bird shop for 4 years. i got your fish. But im going to the beach. its 1.30 . keep your bodies in shape. and your muscles toned like mine. love

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