Tuesday, September 16, 2008

bowling and yaup.

this is about sunday. good friends is know for saying. its a def maybe. i couldn't believe it. oh and vern never returned my movie semi pro. i now owe 27 bux on my account... 
i honestly think i can act. what does it take to be that kid on some shoulders. 
i joined a bowling team thats grinds every sunday. i had a massive headache and popped these 2 bad boys. i still don't know what they are. i think they're night time tylenols?
i have super good form. just no aim.
couple brews don't help that. it was a mixture of 3 durty drafts and those pills that messed with me.
but i found out theres arrows on the lane floor that your supposed to aim at! i had no clue they existed. so stay stuned for a way better score. love

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