Sunday, September 14, 2008

keeping it grimey since 1986.

This weekend has been good. although i haven't done much. work and slave. then have some bevies. same routine for most handsome people.
we went to the roof top patio. we ordered 4 ceasars. pretty embarrasing.
speaking of poo. we went to seven oaks pool for a swim swim. i goto the front desk to pay and the lady informs me someone decided to take a dumpy in the pool. closed
kyla's growing up super fast. cute as ever
claire isn't as scared of me as she was before. she gave me a random high five. 
we rocked out hard. the band name was jizzjuice. jay picked it. i was on the mic. jay thought he'd make my guy to look like me. he got the rat stash right.
reid was jungled. we had a text convo sitting 10 feet away from eachother. me "your sitting beside your bro bro" reid. "he just asked me y does your buddy ben keep grilling me!" me "aha. keep chattin bro" reid. "no where to sit brew. u on the stairway to heaven?  ps. Im showing his these txts. keep it in grime time not wozE time!. I don't know about you but this is 1 awkwurd party. what do you think is going threw everyone elses minds. ask tony." me "coo coo"
willson and vern bro'd down. 
vern got some new gear. check out his race expression.
willson jammed on the guitar. the whole place sang wonderwall by oasis. i know most of it but for the parts i didnt know i just pretended i did. 
don't crack a beer thrown at you!
this was a kitchen photo. there was tons of freestyling going on. i killed it . mymryk kinda killed it. i think i threw it down to a tlc beat. jay uppercut jared on the far left. due to a "double dog dare". love you skids. 

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