Friday, September 12, 2008

keepin it bloggerton blogblogston.

kevin boutet just called me. we argued for 4 minutes about who's more married. He goes to bed with megans picture. he sent me a letter the other day about how he can't wait to marry her. it was a awkward conversation. but it was thirsty thursday last night and i haven't brought out my camera in awhile. enjoi free loaders.
started the night off right.
kept it going. keegan got harrased for a cig outside the vendor by some bum. i came out to him leaning in the car.
headed down to verns place. kept it grimey for about a hour and a half. 
bill got into a scruffle on the walk to verns. it was over not knowing eachother or something. he described how he assaulted a flying knee into one of the guys. then got strangled by his own shirt. which led to him punching some guy in the face.
marky b always a great time.
vern wasn't that drunk. but he wanted the photo. f jay and reid have good smiles.
keegan likes playing me in ping pong. im still waiting for a league to start up.
vern feels it all.
mcgee was killin it.
vandal is one of the original blogerstons in my mind. hee keeps it bloggy
mart martin. great times.
thats all i have. i took 163 photos. 12 made it. but im too hungry to f around. off to a patio for a burgston. love

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