Wednesday, September 10, 2008

nice muscles kid.

I got my camera back after 34 days. of being jungled by precision. i spread hate. 
got off work early. the airport is full on concrete and construction. 
picked up vern to do some shopping. 
picked a nugent on the way. 
I had an idea of getting into cosco and shopping there. you need a costo pass apparently. we got past the doors. i thought we were in the clear. turns out you need the card at the till. we ended up getting a dog and a poonteen. then we headed to giant tiger.
its tony's turboz bro!
i got grossed out because at one point i touched the handle of the cart. tons of yahoo's in that place. the final bill was a hungey. vern scooped some deals. 
verns apartment is a nice place. he's still moving in. If you ever go there he'll be proud to show you his mirror with all his concert ticket stubs. i found a nickelback stub. he claimed it was high school.
i found these gems. they come in 6 packs. I grew up with these delicious rolls. its funny cause my dad would come home from shopping to 5 kids. these were gone in about 45 mins. i always snagged the last one. i can't believe how good these are. dad if your reading this, put these on the list? 
dobra rogie. i convinced jay she was a actor. he fell for it and claimed he's heard of her. We watched the movie "funny games".... by far the worst movie i have ever seen. but you can't stop watching. definitely a maybe. and i burnt the roof of my mouth on pizza today. stay safe. happy belated to phil. and keep it grimey. love

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