Sunday, October 12, 2008

5 years fly!

I worked and missed my niece's birthday bowl off. It sucked. I made it for the dinner tho. 
and abby was getting married.
mya was stoked to see me. 
my sister cooks probly the most kill pizza. that didn't make sense. but its super good.
steve killed a master angler or something and is gonna stuff it. good shit.
avery was hanging. "SHARE" in a angry face. to good
kyla was my first niece. There was 4 more after her. Seems like yesterday she was sleeping in my arms when she came home from the hospital. I know im more mature and handsome and whatnot. but . she's still 5.
The DiNella's. great hosts. ended up hanging there till 1am or so. shots of scotch? 
the MR. Soszek. 
Anton was surrounded by girls. kinda like my childhood
claire is not as scared as me as she was. 
aha to good. kids make the world go round. worst mood. instantly smiling. 
i would have killed for this playroom.  called the kitchen
no your a sea horse. kill cupcakes .
tony just got to my house. Kill stories. im out . love

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