Saturday, October 11, 2008

wur at the zoo. literally.

so i work till 11 friday night. at my own house. beat. gorgen called they wur seshing at pills. went to scoop a few photo's of 2msu. ended up losing my hearing in my left ear. from some other band. but either way i would of. missed a shred. feeling like a carny.
goonball decided to start the night off with a charlie swing.
technology these days!
10 carnies. except dbell. 
girls wur fighting out side. 3 garbage cans knocked over. doozies being smoked i assume?
i was rarrring random poeple.
jesus doesn't wear gold! it was never invented back then!
check untitled acoustic mess.
rarrr again! gravy
reverse 69! sicko's out there
this is where i went def.
can't go wrong. some one pulled out a hair and put it on the table if you look close.
this is what lifes about.
making fun of ginges. and white tongues?
this dude approached for a pic, he claimed 1 year and 10 days to grow that. i explained mine was the same length of time but a 300th of that. later on woz came up for a mercy fight and this dude stepped in for me? new bouncer. careful kids
my stomachs killing. i gots a bday party to attend!
this guy honestly just escaped. love

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