Sunday, November 2, 2008


Another halloween has rolled by. sandwiches. and cavities. im starving. nero was garth brooks which i couldn't believe. i didn't take many pics. but heres like 9. 
scoob was juiced.   
best role play!
Dogdeball! they would yell that when the game started. "tsss"
people wur coming up to me. i didn't know who it was. super awkwurd.
pirante. i was gonna be one. but people call me a pirate casually. 
this is bobo's cousin matt. I've called him j-roc since i've known him. stoked to see him put his resemblance to use. 
This is the ugliest girl i have ever seen. Someone came behind me. pinched my ass. i turn around to this trying to give me a kiss. i was honestly scared.  thick eye makeup. terrible body.  man. i would honestly run from this if i was in a forest or something camping. and he walked out. 
At the end of the night we seen this little doozey. somebody took a wrong turn. but floss your molars. brush down on the top and up on the bottom. love

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