Tuesday, November 4, 2008

short story.

For the real affect play the video while reading. Some people goto the same job everyday. I do in a way. But just around the city. So i was on aberdeem and aikins yesterday. I pull up to this cabinet. im sitting in my car when i notice this chick standing on the corner. We make awkward eye contact. She approaches. Im sitting in my car with the windows up. she trying to talk to me through the passenger window. i open the window, and she asks for a ride to selkirk. i try not to laugh and kindly say no. she goes back to the corner. 2 minutes later she comes up to the window again. she puts her face right to the window and asks me if i wanna do anything. I didn't get what she was getting at so she says "ill blow and lay for 20". i was in shock and somewhat scared. i froze and didn't say anything. which probly made it more awkward. aha i think i said i have to work or something. i don't even know im still in shock. so she kinda walks away abit.
At this point I have to actually start to work. I get out and get to the cabinet. She's standing ten feet away and staring at me. Im trying to work with the vision in the back of my head this chicks gonna stab me. anyways. luckily the cops drive by slowly and she starts to speed walk off. I was relieved at this point. i finish up my work and start to head to the house. she's standing on the corner of the street im going down. Im like f. i turn left trying not to look. i realize i turned the wrong way cause the numbers are going up. So. i do a u-turn and at this point i think she thought i was picking her up so shes like taking off her sweater and walking to the road as im driving past her. i didn't even look at her. k so at this point i fn swore . i missed the address. So again i do a u-turn. at this point im thinking im dead. thats just my mind. what do you know she's now standing in front of the house im working at. one of the most awkward moments of my life. but i'm alive. love

this song has changed my life. thanks to thisisanother.blogspot.com

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