Tuesday, December 2, 2008

1.30 am

Lastnight i was driving home from skating mini. i noticed something odd driving down palms to my house.. everysingle light was out. it was something from the twilight zone. i honestly had a weird feeling the word was done for. like the movie with will smith came to my mind, i was like fuk. what am i gonna do. anyway. i pull up to my house. pitch black. walking up my hand was in a fist.  always ready for them robbers. but i walk past the garage. no sensor light comes on. not good. get into my garage. that was the darkest i have ever seen it. fustling with my keys to try to find the right one. get inside. pitch black. i go for the lights. nothing. i shit. im not affraid of the dark. but when you don't have the choice. that shits panic time. i stood there waiting to get hit with a bat or something. my room is in the basement. no chance i was going down there. went to the couch. stripped down and tried going to bed. laying there for about 20 minutes. i don't even think i blinked.  the lights came on. it was a power outage obv!. still no chance im going downstairs. I think i am scar'd from charles manson. i always picture him and those chicks. i read a book and yeah. he's nuts. and get this. cops raided his farmhouse thing, they checked the hole house. at the end they wur checking cupboards. found him in this tiny space by the sink. his b*tches he was rolling with wur crazy to. shaved heads and singing. im not sleeping tonite. check under your bed!
no love.

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wozE in 15!