Friday, December 5, 2008

iahrea. pains.

Kate came back from whistler for the weekend. it was also her birthday. its -22 out right now. i have to work. i let my car run for an hour. it may be out of gas. 
i take pictures. people are like man you fu@ked that photo up. reshot? nope. i want to be known for the worst photos possible to take. and a smooth gelled haircut. and a shapes gym bag. super karma. 
i still can't do shots. way better than tony tho.
lastnight at the mts center some dude tripped out on me. wanted to fight. it started from what  i don't know. somebody knew him. and he was pissed at my hair or something. fuck i wish i was chuck norris.  
turdbuckle gravied his hip. 
mgds for 2.75. 4 was 18 bux or 16. beers wur 5.75 at that concert. 
the turtle of time. portalled back in time for a cig. 
chop bought a house. im giving it 3 to 4 months. a.hotbox toilet paper c.tons of parties...
you know when you wur younger people would tell you if you make that face long enough its gonna stay forever. i wouldn't even mind!
double globby.
im sorry.  this smile is to good to not post. and the bakery. love
its still -22. sitting in my gitch. not wanting to work.  im getting a matching quilt of ripped gitchies sown together. and a matching pillow case. and hopefully a scarf. for christmas. 
i don't think you could pay me to wear a cowboy hat out. phil is a cowboy. anica is my babe.
this picture feels like my stomach does right now. keep fit have fun. love

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