Monday, December 8, 2008

wolf mouth.

got a phone call to go to rise against on friday night. freezing cold. 60-0 at ping pong. new hand sanitizer. and 4 hours of sleep. 
i always get the same taxi driver. he's stoked to drive me places. he doesn't mind the fake cough openers.
i was told we had box seats. never been. it was not bad. but shit was still super expensive.
ive been known to give dollars.
reis. double pouring.
12. thats a 6. more than a 6. 
couple beeas.
brooklyn we go hard
danka for the ticket.
xtra celery . 
"i banged 51 chicks in china". what can i say.
reis makes a mean ceasar
beside frank
my boots are waiting..
my nose is huge. 
willy claims girls don't fart. and he was telling me about farting when your with a girl. it kinda funny when you think about it. you know when your with a girl at first.. etc. you get the worst gas. and you hold it in. but it makes it so much worse. then yea. its really funny when you think about it. and you try to edge away. and you may or may not shit your pants. oh and cory said girls have never sharted. i hate the word. but. it can happen i think?
this solo shit was good. i didn't deserve the tickets. i always end up walking around. never seen more than 5 minutes of a bomber game this year. been to like 4 games. we go hard. love

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