Thursday, March 5, 2009

7 days ago again.

went shredding again today. sunny skies. new tricks. cold air. handsome as ever. this blog is from last friday. i ran errands. had a cold. but still handsome as ever.
avery was as cute as ever. we attempted to play ping pong. i let her win. to good
later had some people over at my house.  just easy came. he forgot to buy me tons of drinks.
"pull up your pants" is a common quote i hear. 
my mom and dad came home from baby sitting.  you miss your parents more than they know sometimes. tear. jk. but really. family is everything.
friends are everything to. there is a shortage of girls i know. the wrecking crew showed up at 2 am. 
gaudet is in gamer mode. i later fell on ice in the garage. 
group photos everywhere.
tinsley cut his own hair tonite. i need a trim. swimming tonite was insane. rope swings are good fun. opening your eyes underwater is not a good idea. love

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