Thursday, March 5, 2009

7 days ago.

i got back. armpits were unusually sweaty. courtney needed help moving her stuff. 
coffee-ana-gitch got suckered in for the move. he froze his little toezies.
later we roll to tonys. decided to get smelly on the couch. wowa
just gimme da beats.
vern vern'd. 
jay can't drive after 9pm.
ryan got 872. later threw the same haymakers anonymously .
milo was killing it. 
phil, anica and brent showed up. i don't have any pics of them but this one of phil. #2 crazy 8's champ
i didn't wanna post this because i have a bad look going on. but everyone else is good. i shoulda just cropped it. not
keegan drank on the plane ride to winnipeg from calgary. gets in at midnight. comes straight out to meet us. determination to get grimey.
this is actually my face. with gundershpeel globa. heavy weight in 6 countries.
milk is to good dude. love

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