Tuesday, May 12, 2009

bloc party.

no internet. spiders. funnest days ever. riding in fog. bears. beers.
pomegranate juice bad choice.
homi mitch p and his babe melissa.
thank you for the ticket jay.
my eyes couldn't focus after the show. those sandals are from 300.
this cat kills it.
produces date rape by fanny burp.
sketch walk to main and redwood afterwards.
fuel up.
I used to think i was good at this when i was younger. people had special shoes. many fights from the game pelt. all nighters at wozy's. always passing the throwing line.i recall over 100 was my record. woz had at least 200. . love


wax crayon said...

yo dude!! hows it going man, feels like i havent spoken to you for a while man. hows shit going dude?
i cant believe you saw blocparty im super jelous man.
are you back in winnipeg now or are you gonna be hitting up whistler again over summer?
send some news man, anyway dude that guy on the hacki sack has some mad skills, the handstand is crazy.
oh and if you see steve yell "fk buddie" and throw him a high five from me.
hope your all good and donnies are keepin you in good health
take it easy, peace

Anonymous said...

A.K.A. DR.Vein, Benjy, Shredder.
F.S. Blanick Marsh
P.P. Ryan Kontusic
O.Q. skateboarding and snowboarding.
O.S. skateboarding at tyndall with freinds.
F.F. chunky soup
M.M.M. Landing 400 at stony mountain
AMB. firefighter/bombsquad

found this lil gem at getters in the stanley knowles grade 8 year book. lol epic.