Thursday, May 14, 2009

gargoyle burns another year.

first day riding back it was jorgey's birthday. i convinced myself to ride in the fog. it was
soaken beers after shred.
free goods.
deluxe sundae.
this is what you see at night. my car is always fogging.
tinsleys old capita is no more.
"its pumping surf back home".
at the market they have a sale for a 4 pack of pudding for a bone each. and soup.
i may not drink for 4 years.
the smell of my car is unimaginable.
no keys.
16 bones this night cost.
mid dart.
i don't remember the nacho's he brang out.
sketch sleep in car. eggs in the morning.
healthy breakfast. i think my phone is on the fritz. rogers caught on. love

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