Saturday, January 9, 2010

get by.

pick up random or unknown numbers. its gonna be me.
still asleep.
call shawna back.
phil made his first spaceboard edit. one run each. 2 gb memory card.

vancouver for a day.. everytime i go i take so many pictures because I am so fascinated by the city itself. slowly i realize i hate traffic more and more.
most do.
chest hair count is at 6.
search for sushi in the gps. at least 10 locations withing 3km.
clean cups.
full for a hour.
spent more money than wanted. we got the kill now tho. slow cooker. rice cooker. I like to think one day I may be a good cook.
I wanted to film a time lapse video of us walking around in the mall. I eventually forgot it was recording. then my arm became sore. I wanted to add some song to it to make it more interesting. the song being common-be was the exact same length as the video. it works out perfect because i have always wanted to use that song for an edit of some sort. I made it black and white to add the seizure effect for your eyes. peace and love.

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