Sunday, January 3, 2010

masty time.

The new year has arrived. I left on somewhat of short notice. If i didn't say bye your one of many. or not. anyway i am back in bc. most people won't care but for whoever still checks this blog you may.
I am starting to use my camera again.
this blog will slowly start to come back.
maybe im just kidding.

burg doctor.

stand proud before your bbq.

Merry 2 week old christmas and a happy new year. i geuss we'll just have to adjust. love


TF said...

children, wake up!

Anonymous said...

highjacked another one of my comment threads ic eh shitgoose. standard.
Now go get your fucken shinebox! track down any of those peak season faggets yet? a nice curbstomp for me please. take care.

love rV.